Unlike wall to wall carpeting wool and silk rugs require special cleaning methods and cleaning solutions specifically designed to treat natural and sensitive fibers . Wool and silk rugs require controlled drying methods and the use of various tools not available for on location cleaning . Wool rugs can sometimes take as long as two to three days to dry and need to be monitored as they are drying . Before wool rugs can be cleaned they first have to be tested for loose dyes or dye migration . If your rug qualifies for a cleaning it usually takes between five to seven days before it can be delivered back to your home. We also deodorize rugs that have existing pet urine odors . Cleanings include top and bottom and fringes . Please remember one thing about wool rugs is that steam cleaning  or hot water can permanently damage the wool fibers in your rugs and may cause dyes to run .  When cleaning wool rugs we always use cool water.

In plant rug cleaning or off site cleaning is recommended for oriental rugs and loose woven rugs .